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We add a bit of whimsy to your wellness centered life, MAGIC happens here.

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Drops of Joy Jewelry

When you want to achieve personal aromatherapy benefits throughout the day, Drops of Joy Diffuser Jewelry has what you need. Pick out your favorite diffuser necklace, bracelet, earrings or car diffuser, and start diffusing in style today!

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Valor & Vinyl

Custom containers, roller balls, and inhalers

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Leather Essential Oil Wraps

Handmade leather, bonded nylon thread

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Essential Oils Case

Keep your precious essential oils protected from breaking and exposure from the sun

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Brazil Oil Bags

Organize your growing collection of YL oils in a bag with clear extra sleeves

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Lucky 7 Bags

Lucky 7 presentation bag is perfect for all your marketing needs. Display your products, business cards and promotional materials in the front clear pouches. This bag is a fabulous conversation starter and a great tool to boost your impromptu sales. The tote material is sturdy and waterproof.

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Trendy Totes

Display your Young Living products in the clear see through the pocket and wear it around town...making it a walking billboard. Get noticed and get on the spot sales.

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Got Oil Supplies

Each purse has 16 elastic pouches to hold your Young Living essential oil bottles, plus 3 clear presentation pockets on the outside. Now you can display and promote your products! These totes are perfect for presentations, demonstrations, and classes. Plus, on the inside, there is a zippered pouch in the middle and two cargo pockets for your cards, keys, lip balms and more!

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